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Hello and welcome 

We are always being asked about our vinyls and faux leather so i thought i would create a post with some of our most asked Questions. If you don't see your answer here get intouch we are always happy to help. 

What’s the difference Between Faux leather and vinyl?

Faux leather is a kind of synthetic leather that can take on characteristics and texture of real leather. Whereas vinyl does not. 

What the difference between Glitter vinyl and glitter vinyl Canvas?

our glitter vinyl canvas is a lot more flexible and easier to turn when making a bag, whereas our glitter vinyl is quite dense and stiff. Both are perfect for embroidery and bag making, it is all down to personal preference and what your machine prefers 

Which Felt is better for embroidery?

Both our polyester and wool felt are perfect for embroidery. It’s all down to which one you prefer to use.

Can our Vinyl and faux leathers be washed?

We have tested all of our vinyls and faux leather they wash perfects at 30 degree, but please dont tumble dry them. We do ask that you do your own testing aswell

The only Vinyl we recommend you dont wash is the Glow in the dark as the uv reactor may wash away eventually 

Which vinyl are the best for key fobs?

For Keyfob/Keyrings all of our faux leathers and vinyls will work perfectly. My Top Picks are
Glitter vinyl , Holographic, Patent and our new Luna Faux leather 

Which of our vinyl are good for bag making?

All of our products will work for bag making but my favourites are Glitter vinyl Canvas , leatherette pearl and metallic and our new Luna Faux leather 

Can you Iron our Vinyl & Faux Leather?

Yes on a low heat on the back with a tea towel or covering between the vinyl and the iron

When sewing what stitch length do, I need?

I recommend that you sew with a longer stitch length. we recommend stitch length number 3. but this all depends on your machine and each one is different. Do a few test stitches first so you can get it perfect. Our A5 pack of vinyls is perfect for all your Practice stitches.

How can we turn your Vinyl & Faux Leather?

Applying heat will Help turn the vinyl easier. We have a number of ways to do this for example, Hair dryer, radiator and an iron on a low heat.

Does our glitter vinyl shredded glitter?
No all of our glitter is sealed into the vinyl meaning no sheading