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2019 Subscription Parcel
£10 per month for 12 months 
you may cancel at any time 
payment is taken on the same date you sign up every month 
This will a be a mixed parcel sent to you four times a year .
The contents will be our colours of the season, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
A mix of what we sell...
SO vinyl ,faux leather ,fabric , Felt ,haberdashery ,trims
pretty much a good mix of the different seasonal products and colours
The sizes and cuts will vary from the A4 to rolls
to metre, half a metre and fat quarter fabric.
It really will be a good mix and as always great value.
Great for use in embroidery, bag panels or accent pieces, bags applique work and where ever your imagination and skills take you.
The subscription will begin when you subscribe and be for 12 monthly payments
The parcels will be dispatched
March, June, September, December
the dates will always be around 20th of the month
The subscription payment will be taken from your Paypal account each month depending on the date you Subscribe
The final date to join is the 10th of January.
You may cancel at any time, but if it is before a completed quarter there will only be a refund of 50% of what you paid.
so if you wish to cancel after march box you will need to this before the date your April payment is due and so on for each quarter.
Postage is included for the UK ...outside of the UK you will be invoiced each Quarter for the postage excess