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We are always happy to help and answer any question you may have, here are some of our most popular questions, to help you get started with our vinyls , faux leathers and felts.
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What’s the difference Between Faux leather and vinyl?

Faux leather is a kind of synthetic leather that can take on characteristics and texture of real leather. Whereas vinyl dose not.

What the difference between Glitter vinyl and glitter vinyl Canvas?

our glitter vinyl canvas is a lot more flexible and easier to turn when making a bag, whereas our glitter vinyl is quite dense and stiff. Both are perfect for embroidery and bag making, it’s all down to personal preference.

Which Felt is better for embroidery?

Both our polyester and wool felt are perfect for embroidery. It’s all down to which one you prefer to use.

Can our Vinyl and faux leathers be washed?

Yes, the can we have tested all of them and they wash at 30 degrees. But they do not tumble dry. We do recommend that you do test yourself as well.

Which vinyl are the best for key fobs?

For key fobs we highly recommend our smooth grain, Value range, glitter vinyl, holographic and patent. All of our vinyl and faux leather will work for key fobs with the right stabilizer and design.

Which of our vinyl are good for bag making?

We highly recommend our glitter vinyl canvas, nappa faux leather, smooth grain, value range and cork. All of our vinyl will work with bags as well, we recommend using them as accent pieces.

Is nappa faux leather good for key fobs?

No, our nappa faux leather is to thin for Key fobs. We recommend our nappa faux leather, for bag making and applique but suggest adding an interfacing like g700 to it first, Treat like you would a fabric.

Can you Iron our vinyl?
Yes on a low heat on the back with a tea towel or covering between the vinyl and the iron

When sewing what stitch length do, I need?
sew with a longer stitch length we recommend stitch length number 3

How can we turn Your vinyl?

Applying heat will Help turn the vinyl easier. We have a number of ways to do this for example, Hair dryer, radiator and an iron on a low heat.

Does our glitter vinyl shredded glitter?
No the glitter is all sealed into the vinyl

Wholesale prices?

We don’t offer Wholesale prices

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